Hydrasound Zelus is our competition network and works as follows. 

We give back to our community

Hydrasound runs monthly competitions and the prizes are 10% of gross profit from membership revenue. 

Each qualifying member *A member who has 5 members in his affiliate timeline  is eligible to enter the competion each month. 

Competition prizes range from cash prizes to Advertisers online vouchers. 

Companies or People who advertise with Hydrasound can be the prize. So Any Advertiser is also automatically entered in to a draw to become a prize where Hydrasound will purchase vouchers from them to give to competition winners. 

Meaning that subscribing members have a chance to win up to £1000 per month in prizes (prize capped at £1000) if revenue is above this multiple prizes will be drawn up to a maximum of £1000 meaning more members more prizes more winners. 

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