Update – Coronavirus, how we can help, and what you can do too!

I have artists coming to me now and asking for advice in the music industry. First thing I ask them is if they are willing to invest in themselves. As an artist today with all the amazing vocal techniques you firstly need to invest in a voice coach. As a young DJ /music producer I would give the same advice. You would need to invest in equipment and self-learning. Today it’s not enough to know how to sing, write a song or play an instrument. Today you need to brand yourself, use tools like HydraSound/Instagram/Twitter/TikTok/FB and get yourself out there virtually and physically.

And 2020 is definitely not a year to sit and be lazy. With the coronavirus hitting us hard we need music and art more than ever. Never have people had more time to listen to music and seek comfort in music. Firstly if you are looking to reach more people with your music you need to post on social media every day. Social media platforms like HydraSound/IG etc gives you the opportunity to connect and communicate directly with people from all over the world and if they like your brand/content/sound they will automatically start to follow you and stay with you through your musical journey.

Fans who love you are very loyal. This I personally believe is crucial! Without my fans and their encouragement, I doubt I would have the strength to continue. Choosing life as an artist can feel very lonely and frustrating at times so without people’s support and presence it would feel pointless to continue. We are sociable beings so we need feedback and love from others to feel we are going the right direction. This is why we built HydraSound to make everything easier to a start-up musician, singer-songwriter, the timing is also perfect now that we feel isolated with the coronavirus. HydraSound is a platform that offers ghostwriters, voice coaches, producers, video makers, stylists, dancers, we are all important tools and can make a beautiful sound together.

No one makes it by themselves. We need others to connect and work with and we need to inspire each other.

Together we can for sure create something breathtaking. HydraSound also offers services, one of them which I personally believe is the most crucial one today is being playlisted at Spotify. Taylor Swift tried to boycott Spotify, but Spotify won, they have changed the music industry forever. If your song gets playlisted onto lots of different playlists around the world, it will be the best campaign ever for you as your music will reach thousands and people and they will start to take notice of your name, music and brand.

I mentioned branding earlier, here I strongly believe that as an artist today you must be true to yourself and chose a brand that corresponds with you. Remember your brand will stay with you forever so you must feel that it is you and that you are proud to promote it. Here HydraSound can also help you have a team of professionals who are willing to help to guide you in the right direction for you. Spotify playlists are important but distribution is also crucial.

Here HydraSound can also help. You can send your demo to their team and if they love your sound they can distribute you through Intimacy Records, The Orchard/Sony UK, which again with go to all music platforms worldwide so your music is out there with all the other big artists like Camilla Cabelo, Lady Gaga and Billie Eilish .

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About the author: hydrasoundcom Dan
I am the founder of Hydrasound.com and want to help artists around the world create a living in the music industry. Im passing on all of my knowledge and skills to help you guys!