Platform for new writers to break in to the industry.

Kadmos is our platform for writers

Kadmos was set up as a way and means of breaking songs by our songwriters. Are you a songwriter have a massive back cataloge of songs sitting on the shelf and no where to put them. Let Hydrasound put them too good use and use our network to get your name out there as aworld class writer.

As you may know Hydrasound has a VIP programme which we use to develop up and coming talent. People who have that star quality and we use our resources (financial and business experience) in order to develop and potentially break those artists. Kadmos is a step in which we can also bring in our Hydrasound writer members and break you too as we go.

You see, massive pop stars like Rhianna Beyonce Adele etc have a team of writers who they know bring the results. and frankly its near enough impossible to break in to these circles without being a BIG name. Kadmos bridges the gap by breaking artists and writers who we back allowing them to gain notoriety and fame from our platform. 

Hydrasound will fund promotion, A&R campiagns, releases graphic design and all other means of which is needed to commercially release and successfully campaign a new record / Artist. 

This may cost thousands of pounds. Your song will be exploited in its entirety maximising your exposure to the music industry Artists and writers camps. 

Hydrasound  will take control of 100% publishing and writing writes of your chosen songs which we will expose. Ensuring that we can continue operations and recoup our upfront expenditure. 

Note: we will only control licencing publishing etc for the tracks you personally submit for us to use with our artists. You are in full control of your tracks. 

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