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Introduction to Hydrasound

What is Hydrasound, how does it work and what does it do.

Hydrasound was setup to allow up and coming and established artists / producers a viable way to make money in the music industry. 

Hydrasound is a subscription website which once you upgrade to a paid plan all tools and services are unlocked. 

Check out the walkthrough guide on your members panel, it will guide you through the site to make sure you get the most out of Hydrasound.

Hydrasound is called Hydrasound because like the Hydra in Greek Mythology it is a multi (get it) Headed beast offering a number of tools allowing you to succeed in the music industry check out services below for a run down.

Simple, visit this link https://www.www.hydrasound.com/product/hydrasound-pro/

add to basket check out and off you go. 

Yes you can, just access your account from the dashboard and cancel at any time, We will be sad to see you go but we wish you well. 

Please note if you cancel all data from Hydrasound is also deleted, eg Profile reviews music etc. 

Hydrasound Services

A look at the services on offer from Hydrasound. As you will find our services all interrelate with one another for a 360 approach to exposing your music and also tying in with creating a revenue stream for the member. Read more to find out.

Discover new artists new music from members across the globe. Our web player allows you to listen to music whilst browsing the site. Listen to Ad free streaming from Hydrasound. 

This service is included in the PRO membership package

As a Hydrasound Member you can apply for one artist profile per membership to be hosted on our site. People can find your music events, tour dates and bio. This service is great for maximising your exposure on our platform and for those who dont currently have an artist website. This service is included in the PRO membership package

Getting your music out there is a challenge and getting people to even check it out is another thing. With Hydrasound Review, as a member you can submit reviews of your music to our site, so that readers worldwide and our members can share it and get you massive exposure. There are two types of review, user submitted and editor reviews, you can submit your own review to the site to exposure your own music or someone elses (allowing you to become effectively an editor of the site) People can follow your reviews and share your content. This is good for Maximum music exposure or also members who are looking to get noticed for their music journalism giving you a working portfolio to present to magazines etc.

Editor reviews come from our curated editors at Hydrasound. They will be specialists in their chosen genre of music and may also be previous members who submit their own content. These reviews are featured reviews on Hydrasound and gain the most exposure. ANY song submitted can get an Editor review if we feel the track is strong enough. With an editor review you are guaranteed to get some serious play on your track. 

You can also become an editor by getting enough quality rated reviews on your profile. 

Hydrasound Ratings relate to reviews as when you submit a review you can also allow members to rate and review your music. Not just submit a review. With this activated you can get feedback and a score for your music which will give you an accurate indicator of how well members like your music. So make sure its your best work. Please note also our charting system works from member reviews. 

This service is also linked to PROMOTE as your music is sent our directly to our network.

Hydrasound charts are curated from ratings content. So user and editor submitted reviews are eligible for Chart positions if member reviews are enabled on the submission. 

Our charts work on percentages so cant be gamed with fake plays which we felt was a better approach to charts. With charts music is ranked in Genres on overall average score over a period of time. 


Hydrasound Podcasts are members only (for full audio) from professionals across the world. Our podcasts include mix shows from members, interviews with industry professionals who will teach you how to make it in the music industry and give advice. Music producer interviews you name it.

(pssst, industry professionals are also found on connect and  you can connect with them directly) 

Listen to podcasts on the go and get ahead of the competition.

Again tied in to your user profile / artist profile Events is a calendar based service which allows you to add your touring shedule, upcoming events etc to our Official events calendar. Want to expose your event to people around the world, increase ticket sales (direct from the site and from external links) you can do it from Hydrasound. 

Allow fans to tune in to your live stream just add the link and off you go. 

Videos is a service from Hydrasound which allows you to gain maximum exposure to your new music video on our platofmr and our official Youtube channel. Our curated playlists and extensive reach allow you to gain serious awareness to your music at no additional cost. Services like this run in to the hundreds alone for video promotion with Hydrasound PRO we have you covered.

Hydrasound Learn is our exclusive member only learner management system. Take courses on music production, and level up your production skills. 

Current topics include courses on how to make pop edm, house music, mixing and mastering etc.

Hydrasound CONNECT is our directory of skilled professionals (checked and quality assured by Hydrasound admins) You can add your specialties and skills to our database and connect with people who want to use you on musical projects. If you require payment, such as for session work , engineering etc you can work that out between you and the client before undertaking such work. 


CONNECT Jobs is our directory of projects and jobs which members list. You can apply for jobs if you meet certain criteria and are a PRO member of Hydrasound. Please note multiple people can apply for jobs such as engineering work and session musicians etc so please make sure your BIO and showreel, Interviews are the best they can be and show off the best work you can do. This will maximise your chances of gaining a stream of clients from our jobs board.

Hydrasound Affiliates is exactly what it is. An inbuild affiliate platform which you are granted access on becoming a member. Our affiliate scheme pays out 25% of revenue share for any member you refer to us. RECURRING per month for the length of their membership. 

As an example of how you can use this feature is to simply monetise your fan base. As facebook is asking you to pay to boost posts etc and paying you nothing for sharing content and bringing your fans to your facebook pages. Why not refer them to Hydrasound. Every member can create groups where you can give your fans exclusive content and interact with you direct. So if you monetise even some of your fans / friends or family you have just created a stream of income which is paid to you monthly. 

Not only this but our affiliate scheme is Multi levelled, so that means that you will get paid on any member any of your referals invite to the network. Cool Huh. Many of our members just invite and promote our affiliate scheme and are making a full time wage just from this feature alone. Also there are no restrictions on how you can promote Hydrasound, APART from spamming we dont like that. Promote on youtube promote our services, your music etc all with your embedded affiliate link and you will get paid on any member you bring in. 

Hydrasound Marketplace is our online classified ads service for members. Wanting to sell your old imac or get rid of some kit this is the place to do it. Again free to all Hydrasound members with no restrictions on listings. 

Please note if you agree pay in cash Hydrasound is not responsible for any transfers of cash or liable for lost purchases while using Marketplace. Please be aware and ensure you use this service wisely. 

Hydrasound Crowdfund is our fee free (other platforms charge up to 10%) crowdfunding, need a project and album some studio work paid for. Well crowdfunding is the place to come. Musicians are often turning to crowdfunding now as a way to let fans fund their next project. SO if you have fans or people who want to back your musical endevours well invite them to back your crowdfund, our platform allows you to create backer levels for rewards and linked to your own group with discussion forums. 

Hydrasound Premium Services :
Distribution | Publishing| Foundation |

Hydrasound also offers a higher level of membership for handpicked members, who have the potential to make it big in the industry and who we would like to help develop. This is an enquiry only membership and comes with the below features.

Hydrasound Distribution is a service only offered to a select few members and is run in conjunction with our distribution network. If you are invited to be part of the Hydrasound Foundation this is your first step to getting your music out there on a quality platform with a world class distributor.

Hydrasound has been granted a publishing agreement with the PRS (Performing Rights Society) which allows us to publish your music our publishing deals are industry beating (usually they are 50/50) however Hydrasound can offer this service at a much better rate and only charge a 20% admin fee. This means your rights and your money are securely  staying with you. Want to know more about how important it is to protect your rights, just look up Taylor Swift and Scooter Braun.

Hydrasound Foundation is our giving platform, not to be confused with Crowdfunding the Hydrasound foundation is funding given to individuals who we feel can make it in the industry with some extra help and funding. This is a gift from Hydrasound and isnt due to be paid back. It could range from 1,000 – 10,000 or even more depending on the cause. We do this as we want to nurture and develop new artists and protect them from lets just say less than honest people. We at Hydrasound built this company on looking after our community and the foundation is just one step we use as a way to give back to the community. There are some stipulations of how the money from the foundation is spent however and that condition is that the money goes back to registered PRO or VIP level members of Hydrasound. An incentive to keep it in house and an incentive to attract more and more big name producers artists and industry names. Our philosophy is to look after talent nurture and give back with the foundation we can allow massive amounts on money to be generated within the community driving on services and allowing talent to be developed but also fund people in the industry. 

Advertising and Competitions

Hydrasound also offers advertisers a unique opportunity in their marketing strategy through our advanced advertising software.

Hydrasound advertising is available to vendors who wish to advertise on our site. 

Features include: 

Create, manage and display an unlimited number of ads.

Ad conditions to display ads on specific pages, page types and other criteria.

Ad rotation based on customizable ad weight enabling split tests and multiple adverts per ad space.

Flexible ad types and Tracking & Reports.

If you want to reach over 150,000 (Musicians Artists, engineers etc) per day to drive revenue for your business talk to us directly.  Also read below to find out how competitions can drive some serious revenue to your business.

Hydrasound runs monthly competitions and the prizes are 10% of gross profit from membership revenue. 

Each qualifying member *A member who has 5 members in his affiliate timeline  is eligible to enter the competion each month. 


Competition prizes range from cash prizes to Advertisers online vouchers. 

What does this mean: 

Companies or People who advertise with Hydrasound can be the prize. So Any Advertiser is also automatically entered in to a draw to become a prize where Hydrasound will purchase vouchers from them to give to competition winners. 

Meaning that subscribing members have a chance to win up to £1000 per month in prizes (prize capped at £1000) if revenue is above this multiple prizes will be drawn up to a maximum of £1000 meaning more members more prizes more winners. 

Want to know more? 

Still got questions feel free to contact us.