A quick look at Hydrasound and its features… TBC

Well here we are, it’s 20 past 6 on Tuesday evening here and I wanted to quickly go over a few of the main features of Hydrasound. I’ll break this post up into a number of posts so not to overwhelm

Feature Number 1: Hydrasound Music

Discover new artists new music from members across the globe. Our web player allows you to listen to music whilst browsing the site.

Feature Number 2: Hydrasound Music

As a Hydrasound Member you can apply for one artist profile per membership to be hosted on our site. People can find your music events, tour dates and bio. This service is great for maximising your exposure on our platform and for those who dont currently have an artist website.

About the author: hydrasoundcom Dan
I am the founder of Hydrasound.com and want to help artists around the world create a living in the music industry. Im passing on all of my knowledge and skills to help you guys!